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Collagen Is Sold Everywhere These Days… Are You Buying The Right Collagen ?

We all long for the fountain of youth. Looking good and feeling great has never been so accessible. Most are aware of the vital importance of collagen these days:

With various supplements, we can reconstruct and preserve our bodies to our heart's desire. One such supplement is Collagen, the protein that forms the connective tissue all over our bodies. Collagen is a long chain Amino Acid. It allows the skin to be flexible but also gives it structure.

Collagen comes from the Greek word “glue,” because that’s essentially what it does. It keeps our body together in a meshed matrix of strands that form of cartilage, joints, skin, hair, and nails. So much of your body relies on this collagen matrix. If we don’t get enough of it we break down.

Did you know there are actually over 28 different types of collagen?

Every living animal has collagen, including marine life, birds, and mammals like cows. In each animal, like humans, they have various forms of collagen for different functions as well.

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Latest update: April 8, 2022

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by Primal Harvest[1]

1834 Reviews

Primal Collagen

US made with Premium Ingredients

Packed With Amino Acids

Powerful GMO Free Collagen

Sourced from Grass-Fed Bovine

Free Shipping on Orders over $75

2,367 people chose this today

30% of the protein in your body is collagen. 

70% of the protein in your skin is collagen.

We lose 50% of our bodies collagen by age 60.

The Five Types of Collagen Our Bodies Need Most

When it comes to supplements there five main types of collagen. We will cover five of them to help you make more informed decisions about your Collagen intake.

Type I - This is the most abundant collagen of the human body. It is present in scar tissue, the end product when tissue heals by repair. It is found in tendons, skin, artery walls, cornea, the endomysium surrounding muscle fibers, fibrocartilage, and the organic part of bones and teeth.

Type II - Hyaline cartilage, makes up 50% of all cartilage protein. Vitreous humor of the eye. Type II is all the joint cartilage and their articular surfaces that connect on that joint so if you were to  have a joint that's worn out you would want to probably take more of the two verses maybe weak ligaments that's a whole different thing okay

Type III - This is the collagen of granulation tissue and is produced quickly by young fibroblasts before the tougher type I collagen is synthesized. Reticular fiber. Also found in artery walls, skin, intestines, and the uterus. Type III is the connective tissue, the collagen that is like mesh around the liver inside the liver that separates the different parts. It's more delicate, as in the bone marrow, and in the lymph.

Type IV - Basal lamina; eye lens. It also serves as part of the filtration system in capillaries and the glomeruli of nephron in the kidney. This Type forms the respiratory tract and that's involved in the bronchial tubes the lungs around the intestines and the tissue around the heart.

Type V - Forms the hair and cell surfaces. This is the interstitial tissue, associated with Type I and placenta

Why We Need to Consume Collagen Supplements

Most people assume that if they eat enough animal protein they will get Collagen in their bodies. The truth is that even if you are eating a lot of meat, it would be very hard for your body to synthesize protein and rebuild it into Collagen. To build Collagen your body requires a lot more to link all the amino chains together.

Chlorophyll from plant food and Vitamin C would have to be present in large quantities to produce collagen directly. And the volume you would need to consume would be impossible.

Using a Collagen Supplement helps you avoid consuming as much protein meat. It’s easier, cheaper, and more effective than shoving down impossible quantities of meat and plants to digest.

Collagen supplements provide the raw materials for your body that you don’t normally get. Most likely, unless you are eating all parts of the animals you consume,  like our primal ancestors, you are likely not getting the amount of Collagen you truly need.

You get close to a 90% absorption rate with Collagen supplements, whereas, getting collagen from food it’s as low as 25-35%. Since most of us don’t eat like Gorillas, when we injure a joint, ligament, or tendon, it may feel like our joints aren’t recovering.

Quality: Sources Of Collagen And How It’s Packaged

Anytime you buy collagen, there are different types you can buy. You can get it from different sources, including marine, poultry, and mammals. As an example, it could come in the form of chicken sternum, bone marrow, cow hides, fish skin, pig skin etc.

The outcomes you want for your body determine the type of Collagen you should consume. It’s also not just a matter of consuming collagen to put collagen directly back into your body. Your body has to metabolize Collagen to amino acid form, and then reconstruct it in the proper areas that your body needs.

Therefore, you also have to consider if your body is able to metabolize the Collagen you buy. You don’t want the low quality collagen from inhumanely treated animals. Make sure it’s going to be absorbed by your body. The best Collagen is packaged as Hydrolized peptides which are much easier to absorb.

Which Type of Collagen is Best For You?

Bovine Collagen

Naturally sourced from the hides of cattle, this kind is very high in collagen Types 1 and 3 and contains a high amount of protein. In fact, it contains almost double the amount found in marine collagenWith a large amount of glycine, bovine collagen is excellent for hair, skin, nails, as well as our connective tissues and digestive health. In most cases, bovine collagen will give you the best bang for your buck and is often called the fountain of youth

Marine Collagen

Naturally sourced from the scales and/or skins of marine species (usually cold water fish like cod or salmon), marine collagen is very high in Type 1 collagen, which is known to increase tightness, tone, and skin elasticity. It is beneficial for skin, hair, and nail health. If you prefer fish-based products, marine collagen is the one for you. The only concern is the flavor.

What Kind? 


Type of Collagen?


Fish Scales And Skins

Type 1 only


Hides Of Cattle

Type 1 & Type 3


Sternum, Bones, & Cartilages

Type 2

Chicken Collagen

Naturally sourced from chicken sternum cartilages (very high in Type 2 collagen), it is high in Hyaluronic Acid and Chondroitin Sulfate, which are essential for healthy and strong cartilages, joints and ligaments. Chicken Collagen contains a potent amount of hydrolyzed collagen which stimulates collagen production in the skin, supports the health of our joints, and keeps the moisture in our skin and lubrication around our joints.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly:

All Collagen Is NOT Created Equal

With over 300 various collagen supplements on the market, choosing the collagen that is right for you can seem like an uphill battle. When choosing a collagen supplement, always read labels, verify origins of ingredients, or research these important details before making your decision:

The Good - Certified, Accredited, Best Practices

Reputable companies will indicate with labels their certifying bodies as well as proper ingredients and manufacturing practices:

  • Gluten-Free, Allergen-Free, and Non - GMO
  • Dairy-Free, Pasture Raised, Lab Tested
  • Good Manufacturing Practice certified
  • Made in an FDA registered facility
  • Made in the USA
  • 3rd Party Certified - 100% Laboratory tested for purity and potency
  • Sourced From Grass-fed Beef (in the case of Bovine Collagen) - You won't find any antibiotics in grass-fed bovine collagen powder.  Just 100% premium quality Bovine (type I & III) Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides.
  • Contains essential Amino Acid profile
  • Helps your current nutrition goals
  • Premium grade collagen
  • Mixes extremely well, best out of all competition
  • Tastes great or flavorless.

The Bad  - Poor Quality, Inconsistency, and Ineffectiveness

Some companies selling collagen do the right thing legally, but they simply have an inferior product, which will not help you, and will be a miserable experience fo you:

  • No potency - No Results. No effect whatsoever
  • Multi-Collagen blends  - Too General - Not focused on your essential needs
  • Not consistent - a totally different consistency with each order the granules are different sizes, too large, and not soft powder. The texture, solubility, and even the color are always different and clumpy in liquids of different temperatures
  • Horrible Taste - strange aftertaste…. Definitely not tasteless
  • Insoluble -  it does not dissolve and is harder to mix
  • Not complete - product to come half empty.

The Ugly - Lies, Deception, and Product Callbacks

Unfortunately, in every market there are bad actors who cut corners and sell products that have no business being in the market. While it is a bit more rare, it’s still important to be no guard. Collagen is no different, because many companies cut corners to bring supplements to market. Beware! They could be endangering your health:

  • Contaminantsrecent laboratory tests revealed that contaminants such as antibiotics, parabens, and steroids were found in popular collagen products.

  • Pesticides: if animals are fed foods high in a certain pesticide it could concentrate in the collagen protein.

  • Recalls because of Additives and Fillers in collagen - “This voluntary recall was initiated after we discovered that bulk whey (milk) protein was mislabeled as collagen protein by our third-party manufacturer during the manufacturing process.  As a result, the affected Bulletproof Collagen Protein product contains the whey (milk) protein and the finished product label does not declare milk.” (https://www.fda.gov/safety/recalls-market-withdrawals-safety-alerts/bulletproof-360-inc-issues-allergy-alert-undeclared-milk-collagen-protein-dietary-supplement)

  • Bacteria: Through an investigation, it has been determined that vials of Collagen packaged within the Collagen Reagent and Platelet aggregation Kit, may contain particulate matter or microbial growth.

  • Not Testing for Metals: the parts of animals used to create collagen supplements can be high in heavy metals. So it's important to make sure that the company you choose tests for that.
    some experts are concerned about the potential for BSE - bovine spongiform encephalopathy (aka mad cow disease), but Duffy MacKay, a naturopathic doctor, told WebMD in the same that reputable collagen companies request that their suppliers certify that their animal products are BSE-free. https://www.fda.gov/food/cfsan-constituent-updates/fda-announces-final-rule-bovine-spongiform-encephalopathy

  • Cheap Imported Collagen - Using Imports of collagen peptides from Chinese bovine

When choosing a collagen peptide, just reading the label and believing the marketing isn’t enough. There’s so much more to it.

Here at Smarter Choices, we use a proven 10-point ranking system to test and compare collagen peptide supplements. It’s important to know how our ranking system works:

Product quality and purity  based on ingredients and sourcing.


The presence/lack of artificial additives, preservatives and fillers.


Our Research-Backed 10-Point System

High-quality, regulated manufacturing facilities and processes.


Manufacturer FDA-Registration and GMP-certification.


Return policy and money back guarantee


The science, research and development behind the product.


The availability, digestibility and absorption of collagen delivered per serve.


Third-party testing to validate what’s on the label tells the truth.


Customer reviews – removing fake/paid reviews so only real opinion count.


Price and value for money


Top Collagen Supplements 2022

1. Primal Collagen

by Primal Harvest [1]


1533 votes


Ingredient Quality Control

Potency & Estimated Efficacy

Price / Customer Value

Return Policy

Overall Customer Happiness








Made in the USA with premium quality full spectrum collagen

"No questions asked" 90-day Money-Back-Guarantee

Unflavored, easiest to dissolve powder

Made from certified grass-fed and pasture-raised bovine

Only the purest bovine collagen with GelcoPEP® technology.

Diverse amino acid profile to boost your health and energy

Only Available Online

Sometimes runs out of Stock

The Bottom Line

Primal Collagen by Primal Harvest is sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine. It provides a full spectrum of collagen to ensure a natural, and unflavored source to help improve hair, skin, nails, joints, bones, and gut.

But they didn’t stop there. They made sure their collagen would mix instantly due to GelcoPEP® technology. By Choosing Primal Harvest you'll get a highly effective supplement that will supply your body with all the much-vaunted health benefits of the collagen peptides.

We have no doubt about its quality and efficacy. Backed by scientific research, top-notch ingredients and the strong money-back guarantee, we are confident our #1 pick is the only collagen supplement needed. 

Primal Collagen's pricing stands out, especially when you buy multiple bottles. The price drops dramatically and since continued use over months is recommended to achieve the best benefits, buying a 3-6 month supply is a no-brainer.

There’s just a small thing: they get sold out really fast. So we recommend you hurry and place your order if you are now assured that this will be beneficial to your health.

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2. Beauty Multi Collagen

by BeautyLux

A Rating



Made in the USA

5 Hydrolyzed Collagen Types from 4 animal sources

Contains 7 grams of Protein

Easy dissolving powder, pleasant taste

Only available online

Sometimes runs out of stock 

Click to Shop Now

372 votes


Ingredient Quality Control

Potency & Estimated Efficacy

Price / Customer Value

Return Policy

Overall Customer Happiness






BeautyLux Beauty Multi Collagen is our number two pick. These unflavored collagen peptides are formulated from bovine, marine, chicken, and eggshell membrane collagen to support hair, skin, and nail health. This premium powder features collagen types I, II, III, V, and X which are sustainably sourced from cage-free chickens, grass-fed cows, and kosher, North Atlantic fish.

Each once-a-day serving contains 7.8 g of hydrolyzed collagen which can easily be added to any liquid of your choice, making this collagen supplement easy to add to your daily routine. As an added perk, the formula also contains 7 g of protein for an extra beauty boost.Our team liked the fact that these collagen peptides dissolved quickly and left zero unpleasant aftertaste (making it a great addition to our morning coffee!). BeautyLux’s Multi Collagen is also non-GMO and gluten-free, which means that it's suitable for a wide range of people.

3. Collagen Peptides

by Vital Proteins

C+ Rating



Made in the USA

Gluten & Dairy-Free

Certified Grass-Fed Bovine Collagen Source

Easy To Use

Doesn't use hydrolyzed collagen

Unspecified collagen type

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567 votes


Ingredient Quality Control

Potency & Estimated Efficacy

Price / Customer Value

Return Policy

Overall Customer Happiness






Collagen Peptides by Vital Proteins is formulated with 20g of grass-fed and pasture-raised collagen. 

Like our number one choice, Primal Collagen by Primal Harvest, the Vital Proteins formula is easy to use. However, it falls into third place because they do not specify which type of collagen their Collagen Peptides contain. This may mean that it won't meet the needs of all consumers. 

Although this unflavored formula is a solid choice for a collagen, it was disappointing that it has a relatively high sodium content. This is definitely not ideal for those watching their sodium intake. It also makes the product less versatile. 

Additionally, this product is not certified as non-GMO. 

4. Multi Collagen Protein

by Ancient Nutrition

C Rating



Certified Grass-Fed Bovine Collagen 

Neutral Flavour

With probiotics  & vitamin C

Expensive entry price point

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937 votes


Ingredient Quality Control

Potency & Estimated Efficacy

Price / Customer Value

Return Policy

Overall Customer Happiness






Poor dissolvability into warm liquids

Ancient Nutrition's Multi Collagen Protein is a pretty solid choice for a collagen supplement. It contains 10g of hydrolyzed collagen per scoop. Their collagen is sourced from grass-fed and pasture-raised bovine collagen, and like our top choice, is also non-GMO. 

We liked that it had a relatively neutral flavor which made it easier to drink when added to other beverages. Although it dissolved fairly easily into cold drinks, we still found that it took longer to dissolve than other collagen powders we tested. Many consumers also reported that it did not dissolve as easily into warm drinks. 

This would otherwise have been a great choice, but the pricing of this product knocks off a few points in our opinion. It’s a shame that this product has a pretty steep entry price point.

5. Super Youth Multi Collagen w/ Peptides

by SkinnyFit

C Rating



Variety of collagen types


Grass-fed & pasture-raised bovine and wild-caught fish collagen

Poor mixability

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248 votes


Ingredient Quality Control

Potency & Estimated Efficacy

Price / Customer Value

Return Policy

Overall Customer Happiness






Users complained of fishy flavor 

SkinnyFit includes 7.8g of hydrolyzed collagen per scoop, sourced from grass-fed bovine collagen and fish collagen. The container consists of 58 servings of chocolate-cake flavored collagen powder. 

Although we liked that the formula includes a range of collagen types, many consumers found that the chocolate flavor was not enough to cover the fishy aftertaste of the fish collagen. We also found that the product did not dissolve as easily as the other products on this list and resulted in a clumpy liquid. Additionally, we enjoy the versatility of unflavored, neutral-tasting collagen peptide powders like that of our number one choice. We find that they are easier to implement into a regular daily routine as they can be added to any drink of choice. 

Another downside of this product was in its pricing as it had a high entry price point and many consumers complained that the product did not deliver the promised 58 servings. 

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